About Us

Pedro Pichiche/ Founder

As a young kid the enigma of how to maintain balance on a board made of foam on the rushing Pacific Ocean waves captivated me.  After practicing and practicing I finally stood up - it was a brief moment but it was enough to realize that surfing, far from simply being a sport, is a lifestyle.

Little by little I gained experience and confidence in myself and got the opportunity to start working as a surf instructor. Tourism in Nicaragua kept growing and with time I started learning English and enjoyed the opportunity to meet and connect with new people.  Finally I achieved the position of HEAD SURF COACH in a prestigious surf school.  It was a fulfilling time in my life.

After obtaining my certification as a SURF COACH in England I returned to my homeland with the word TRIBE in my mind and heart.  The idea was born to form a group of 100% local Nicaraguan experienced and skilled surf teachers  Together we offer and teach you our love of surfing, the ocean and the wisdom and understanding of the breaks that only a local can have.  Our experience allows you to enjoy surfing in Nicaragua in a safe environment. 

I am Pedro Pichiche and this is my story. Join my family, TRIBU SURF NICARAGUA. 

This is my story, let Tribu be a part of yours!!!


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